Saturday, 7 May 2016

What is going on today?

I find it worrying that Scottish Greens are blaming the SNP Yessers for the election result i.e. the SNP both votes policy. 

I also find it worrying that there were Rise and Greens on the internet saying they had spoilt their ballots for the constituency as they couldn’t bring themselves to vote SNP. I thought Rise and the Greens were meant to be pro indy? Those stories seemed odd until, one of my brothers who joined the Greens after the indyref upset at the NO vote seems to have done the same thing. This occurred when we discussed voting intentions I thought he meant that he could vote Green twice in his constituency and on the list, and I said go right ahead you are in the Green party after all. However I found out that he either spoiled his vote or voted a unionist party of some description in his constituency vote as there was no Green standing.

I couldn't have done that i.e. voted Scottish Green. Why? I was at a hustings where Zara Kitson, Scottish Greens spokesperson was asked clearly if the Scottish Greens would support another indyref in this new parliament and the answer was a roundabout NO. I am fully aware of the policy of the Scottish Greens in this election on an indyref which as an indy supporter I could not support. 

I find it bizarre that many Yessers have been attacking the Rev Stu Mitchell on the Wings Over Scotland website for his post of earlier. Why are Yessers trying to destroy one of the prominent and helpful supporters the indy campaign has ever had? Where would we have been in the Yes campaign without his Wee Blue Book? Where would have been without his blogposts since the indyref with our fights for justice. In the MSM - I know not.

I find today's happenings hard to comprehend.

To think I was concerned by the increase in the Tory vote not being able to comprehend fellow Scots voting for a party that has destroyed Scotland over the decades since 1979, and also they fact that they went from a party that claimed to be socially responsible to one that most is the exact opposite – think foodbanks, draconian welfare alterations, etc. To think I was a bit concerned about the Lib Dem result in the Orkney and Sheland seats? With the Alistair Carmichael debacle I thought that result impossible.

Hopefully all this will settle down and the unionists Divide and Rule campaign will not continue to work. It started weeks ago with the exaggerated claims of the SNP being almost certain for another majority, which led to this share your vote on the list, and finished with Yessers destroying each other mostly on Bella Caledonia’s facebook group.

I do hope that this can be gotten over for the future of indy. I have seen quite a few disillusioned posts today and I can’t say as I am surprised.

Its almost as if there are now two pro indy camps. One that believes that a progressive agenda can be met in a failed state as they have no actual way of getting another indyref and therefore independence, and one that believes that it can only be done properly in an indy Scotland i.e. the SNP. I would opt for the latter any day.

The passion of the Yessers in politics is important but only if it doesn't destroy others passion. And today it has. The Yes Movement's all inclusive activism and vision of working together has gone meaning that the independence movement is looking smaller in total than the sum of its parts.

Hopefully by next week the indy movement we will again be cooking on gas although the more posts I see the more doubtful I become. Indeed it making a doubtful Yesser in future but I shall keep fighting for indy.